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I hope that was another failed attempt at humour because if you were serious I think I hear the words "Kashmir" whispering on the wind

Man, what a stupid poll. How am I supposed to make a decision based on that?

They all rock, Beatles are great but they'd never come close to being my favourites. Tis their misfortune to have been so lacking of musical technology way back when they were around. But oh well, still great. Pink Floyd, loved, but wouldn't know if they were my pick. Probably lacking that punch that I like in my taste of music. Tool are awesome, but wouldn't have made my top, maybe 3rd or 4th. Big3, tsk tsk, such questions.

I pick ACDC as my favourites because they had everything I like. Closely followed by Queen and Led Zep. And Tom Petty, what a surprise, I made a thread on him a while back and got like 3 replies. The guy is an awesome musician IMO, great vocals.
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