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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog
I really wish you would stop acting like im crazy for asking why the **** TOOL was in there.

Their good? Is that all you ****ing idiots could come up with? Would you use your brains?

Why isn't Sabbath, The Police, Deep Purple, Talking Heads, Soundgarden, or The Mothers of Invention on there? Was that not good music?

Because I made the list, and I wanted to keep it at 20, no more. I used what is probably the top 20 bands to me, and I was just curious as to which one would win. Tool happens to be in my top 20, and I would have included soundgarden, but that would have pushed it over my 20 target. I love those bands you mentioned, with the exception of sabbath, never really liked em much. I'm not saying these are the greatest bands of all time, but they are my favorites...
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