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Back to the English-language-colleges-closing-at-an-alarming-rate story:

Now legislation has been proposed to ensure that any fees paid by students are held in a separate account that the colleges can't get at. Until the lessons have been completed presumably.

But that does not help the ones left stranded and out of pocket, and those who have paid, but not arrived here, for lessons they will never get. When challenged on what the govt intended to do to help them, the minister for justice waved the question away with a "Well if there are criminal cases proceeding then they will get their chance at court" COMPLETELY ignoring the reporter's "But there aren't!" and some vague crap about other colleges helping them to get their lessons. What a shower.

I feel so sorry for these kids. The referendum may have lifted us up into a positive global spotlight, but this farce is ruining our chance to really capitalise on that good feeling. Also it's just plain wrong.
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