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Originally Posted by YorkeDaddy View Post
Wow I really can't thank you enough for that wonderful analysis and review. It was honestly kind of emotional for me to read...I pour so much into these albums with the hope that it touches somebody and to hear that somebody just plain got it makes me so, so happy.

I won't be able to get your review up tonight but it will 100% certainly be up this weekend. Thank you again dude, that was really, really awesome for me to read.
No problemo. I'll definitely check out your other stuff. Also, don't feel you have to be quite so sparklingly positive with mine. I'd prefer an honest review over anything else. But yeah, I really enjoyed your album to the point that I ended listening to it three times over the space of the day. Really cathartic whilst I've been going through a lot so yeah.
Originally Posted by DeadChannel
The overuse of babe/baby, the lack of any sort of discernible originality, the melodrama and the general sense of an especially heinous sort of hardcore vapid stupidity all make me want to jab my eyes out with a drill-press and then hang myself from the CN Tower with an electrified rope that sends shocks in excess of 10,000 volts through my body as I slowly die. While listening to Dream Theater.

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