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Originally Posted by Nurse Duckett View Post
Can i suggest that all Simpson pics etc are banned from this site, if i see a Simpsons reference I don't read the post. A friend of mine recruits staff for a largish company, during the interview if they make any kind of reference to the Simpsons or South Park or any of those dumb cartoons they don't get the job, doesn't matter how qualified they are they don't get the job. His opinion is, if they need to use a fecking cartoon to make their point they're no use to me, he went on to say that if he could he'd slaughter the bastards and throw their remains into the sea.

Simpsons etc fans are very similar to Sci-Fi fans, the average Sci-Fi fan uses the authors imagination and somewhere throughout the process of reading and understanding the book they assume they have a great imagination too, i think its called being deluded. Simpsons fans are similar with the sense of humour.
Wanted to respond to this when I had more time. I would ask you not to assume I don't have a sense of humour just because I watch the Simpsons. You may not like them, I do, and yes a lot of my humour references them, but if you read my posts here you'll see I certainly do have a sense of humour outside of the Simpsons. Also, if you bothered to actually read the post (which you said you don't, once you see a Simpsons reference) then you would have seen I was only using that reference as a self-deprecating dig at my own somewhat advanced age.

Anyway, I find your post a little perhaps not offensive but certainly irritating and close-minded, so please do me a favour and cut it out.

Many thanks.
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