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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Wanted to respond to this when I had more time. I would ask you not to assume I don't have a sense of humour just because I watch the Simpsons. You may not like them, I do, and yes a lot of my humour references them, but if you read my posts here you'll see I certainly do have a sense of humour outside of the Simpsons. Also, if you bothered to actually read the post (which you said you don't, once you see a Simpsons reference) then you would have seen I was only using that reference as a self-deprecating dig at my own somewhat advanced age.

Anyway, I find your post a little perhaps not offensive but certainly irritating and close-minded, so please do me a favour and cut it out.

Many thanks.
Now get back to wherever it is you work, whoever you are!

Well done TH, well done. A wonderful example of how to control yourself when someone has just pissed you right off.

Tell me in no more than twenty five words why The Simpsons is so great.
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