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Default A final final final proposal for how stuff needs to get done

have one mod or core team of mods dedicated soley to getting rid of spammers and **** like that, but with no ability to punish members otherwise

make another cluster of mods... like a colony of bees defending the hive. these bee mods can ban somebody if they are really that ****ty but just as a bee sacrifices itself and loses its stinger and dies after an attack for the colony, these mods will immediately lose their modship upon banning someone. then their modship will be reallocated to someone else, determined by a simple algorithm designed to pick a random mb member

once you lose your modship you are excluded from the list of potential bee mods, so the algorithm won't pick the same member twice

until all members have been run through, then the whole thing refreshes and everyone becomes a candidate once more

implement this system and you will see this site blossom into a beautiful honey producing bee colony
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