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Originally Posted by Josef K View Post
Yes, but it's 2:26 here right now, so that doesn't matter at the moment.
I was pretty much about to start an actual thread to get recommendations when TechnicLePanther started his, and then Batlord made his just now, so I felt like it would look weird for me to do the same thing as you guys. So, yeah, those rules are a joke, if a badly done one, but, speaking totally seriously, if anybody actually wants to give me an album to listen to, that would be much appreciated. (I'll even use more than one word to review it.)
Why not a sentence. Or three? A word is just gonna be "crap", "great", "classic", "****" etc. Seems a little unadventurous.

What kind of music or does it matter? Would you review this for instance?
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