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Default pc issue of the day pt. 4:33 isn't music

it's performance art

i say music should be recognizable/enjoyable in audio format only

which 4:33 isn't

if you found a tape with a recording of that on it with no context given, you wouldn't know whether it was a song or just some audio footage from a surveillance system

where as if you found a tape with some avant garde bs on it... even some frownland tier avant garde tomfoolery... you would probably be able to recognize it as an attempt at music just from the audio alone

at the end of the day art is meant to convey some sort of emotional message... and we break it down into categories based mostly on the way in which that message is presented

the only way we contextualize 4:33 is by the fact that we sit there watching the orchestra not play music

that's the only way the message gets transmitted that what is happening even qualifies as art

thus no visual = no 4:33

thus 4:33 is performance art not music

frownland lied to all of you

now where's my trophy?

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