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I feel like the point is that I'm choosing excellent obscure music from a readily available resource. Have you actually heard any of these recordings before? By virtue of being chosen they already have my seal of approval. The point of the thread is to guide fans of avant-garde music to recordings they can have access to easily if they use Spotify (and what's on Spotify is usually on the other major streaming sites, I suppose) that meets two other criteria 1) It's good and 2) It's obscure.

I'm spending some time researching what's written about the artists and recordings already to save an interested potential fan some time and trouble.

I appreciate very much your praise for my skills as a writer. And I plan on writing future album reviews for your artists of the week threads. In those cases, I will add personal insight into the music that I think is unique to my perspective. This, however, not meant to be a showcase of my writing but rather a quality resource for serious fans of experimental music.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in my journal. Please, feel free to comment or criticize as you see fit. You're certainly also welcome to review any of the recordings yourself.
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