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Originally Posted by RoxyRollah View Post
And uhh Halloween City is my off shoot company. They are party ****ty....I have to set my store and then go set a Halloween City. My store made 1.5 mill last year, just my store....sooo uhh ya ain't topping me. I've been hanging rotting torsos since the end of July, girl. :p
I actually spent some time with Halloween City in late August/early September 2013 - I came a little later than most people who were helping with the setup and was consistently hit with come-ons from the young assistant manager. Business was surprisingly slow well into September (which was when I left and started my job at the place I'm at now). It was a temp gig (obviously) so I was really only into it for a little while to save myself from homelessness.

One of my fondest memories was watching a violent argument between a man and his wife after he spent over $500 in non-returnable merchandise.
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