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Default Richard Ashcroft

What are your opinions on the man? he came onto the scene in the early 90s with the verve, made two average albums then in 97' came what i and many others believe to be one of the best british albums of the 90s - urban hymns, which in my opinion, showed ashcroft to be a genuinly ingenius songwriter. sonnet, drugs dont work, lucky man, weeping willow, bittersweet symphony etc, great collection of songs. then came the big anti-climax of ashcrofts solo career, a wasted talent perhaps? well his new stuff is actualy rather good...keys to the world is easily the best thing hes done as a solo artist (not difficult granted) and it has gone some way to regenerating my faith in a man who i thought was one of the biggest talents of the 90s, fuck the gallaghers, anderson, alburn etc, this guy had more talent then them all and its just a shame we've only had a brief glimpse of it. anyway, most of you probably disagree with me, but what are your opinions?
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