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Default Trollheart reviews albums nobody cares about

I'm quite aware of how a lot of you feel about my music taste, that much of what I listen to is greeted with rolled eyes and sighs, shakes of the head and outright mockery, but you know, I don't care. I'll never stop listening to, or enjoying a band or artiste just because the majority here don't rate them. Most of you (not all) are only really interested it seems if the album is a new one from Death Grips, MFDOOM or ... god knows! Some other **** I've never heard or am likely to be interested in,and go crazy telling each other how great a new album by such a band is while ignoring some of the more mainstream stuff, the kind of thing I listen to.

So this thread is going to do exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing that normally crops up in the "Albums You're Digging" or "Anticipated Albums" or even "What are you listening to" threads, generally. Chances are you'll hate, mock and laugh at my choices here but we'll see.

So get ready to hate, haters, cos the first one up is this:
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