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Default Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

Due to the outsider nature of both candidates within their own parties, I thought it would be interesting to see what the election would look like here on MB if these two end up becoming the main nominees for the '16 election. Just a fun little poll to see who you would vote for if it came down to these two.

For me, I would actually go with Trump, because even though he goes too far with some of his statements, especially his statements towards Megyn Kelly, I do admire the way he pisses off the establishment and the media. Plus, he actually has an opinion on illegal immigration that doesn't involve giving an inch to the Democrat's positions on this issue.

I do think Bernie Sanders is a good guy, but I'm not a socialist in any strong sense, so I can't support him. He also lets himself get humiliated by hecklers and even apologizes for it. If he wants to run the country, he needs way more of a spine than that.

Anyway, who would you vote for out of the two?
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