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Originally Posted by Josef K View Post
Clearly Sanders. He's not a socialist in any strong sense either, although I am. Electing a Republican would be disaster - it probably means four reactionary SCOTUS appointments and a war with Iran, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I actually think Trump would be a better President than most of his primary opponents, just because he'd be too incompetent to actually get the stuff he wants.

I think Trump's controversial statements are a distraction - it doesn't make sense to care more that he said something nasty about Megyn Kelly than you care that he wants to take necessary anti-poverty programs away from the people who need them, or that he wants to deport millions and millions of people, or whatever. Not sure what it matters that he "has an opinion" on immigration if that opinion is terrible, but I'd love to hear your actual argument in favor of his position instead of just a bunch of no-content statements which it's impossible to respond to.

ETA: Also, those controversial statements are a totally calculated move on his part - he knows people like you will be like "Oh he's standing up to the Democrats," and then when people get mad he gets to complain about political correctness, which just helps him with the base more. He knows what he needs to do to win a primary - although he's not going to.
I've never been a big fan of illegal immigration and how a lot of people in this country seem to just excuse it as if it's no big deal, and that anyone who says anything against it must be a raging racist bigot.

I'm actually not much of a conservative, but illegal immigration is the one issue where I think the Left completely gets it wrong. It's so obvious that crossing the borders without the correct papers and documentation is wrong, that I honestly can't fathom why people would defend it and try to give illegal immigrants access to the same benefits that legal American citizens get.
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