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Originally Posted by Unitedbyrock
Any fans of the late great man here?

What a guitarist! My favourite album is 'couldn't satnd the weather' and my favourite song is 'pride and joy'

He just had a great feel to his playing!
Hell yeah, he's one of my favorites for sure!!!He had a great tone and feel to his playing.................He really doesn't get enough credit for his music, ya know?I mean, compared to many other guitarists, he doesn't get as much credit for his talent/greatness as others like Jimi Hendrix, etc...

I have a live album of his and think that it is truly great!!! Some of the tones on his performances on that album are just incredible...
...He made his live performances sound more interesting and better, I.M.O. on that album which is called "Live Alive"!!!"Live Alive" is highly recommended to all true Stevie Ray Vaughan fans...
...or any experienced guitarists, for that matter!!!Talk to yall later!!!
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