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yea but people already mock his looks... so really he has nothing to lose. not like people are going to leave his looks alone if he abstains from that sort of insult.

also, it would probably come across worse if he was really good looking, and bullying others about being not so good looking. sort of like fat girls can get away with mocking hot chicks for being too skinny but not vice versa. so it's fair game, really.

plus he's just good at insulting people. i laughed at his "look at that face, can you imagine that? face of the next president?" top notch diss tbh. trump is merciless.

another great one was when rand paul went after trump for mocking people's looks... trying to get brownie points for acting mature, with that goofy face of his and his 50's barber shop quartet haircut. and trump fired back with "i haven't commented once on your appearance, senator, and believe me there's plenty of subject matter there."

there was an audible shocked gasp intermixed with some chuckling from the audience. if the GOP debate was moderated by Summer Jam and attended by unruly hip hop fans that would've been an OHHHH SHHIIITTT moment.
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