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Originally Posted by hobojesus
There was a documentary of him the other day and he faced this guy on stage, freestyling. The guy was wearing a rasta hat and Em said 'You're all wrapped up like a Mummy. Your hats from your head to your tummy.' that is an awful line, and the guy made a 2 second rap and totally owned him. Plus it took Em AGES to think each line up. I don't understand why no-one will face Em, from what I saw he weren't that great. Then again, maybe he was having an off-day. Freestyling made him, after all, so he must have had something going for him.
u dont understand.
xxl magazines had 5 issues of him!
ppl said he is the best rapper alive cuz of his rhymes.
ur wrong man, it takes him 2 seconds not ages to make that 2 sec rhyme!
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