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Originally Posted by littlemusic View Post
I'm wondering how to combine chord progressions?
Play one chord, then play another, and so on. You can repeat the same chord, too.

I'm not being glib there, by the way.
As in, what chord progressions work well together in order to contrast verse, chorus, bridge, etc.
You use your ear. And you practice/"experiment" a lot. What do you like the sound of?

Theory is good to learn, but it's not prescriptive, it's descriptive--it's an analysis tool. It doesn't tell you what to do. It just gives you a way of understanding (and more easily remembering) what you've done (or what other people have done).

What to do comes from your tastes, your ear, your expression. Play a lot and play around a lot. Try different things. Try things you never tried before. If you like the sound of something use it. There is no wrong in this stuff.
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