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Super awesome ones
Bloc Party- Silent Alarm
This album is amazing. There are no mistakes. The vocals are always in tune, they couple with the instrumental parts perfectly, the guitar and drums are balanced, and the album opens your ears and mind. End of story.

Between the Buried and Me- Alaska
No matter what any metalhead says, this album is experimental. BTBAM has always experimented in previous albums, but none compete with the performances in this. The first half of the album is mostly metal with jazz fills and has a lot of mixing. Excluding a couple songs the second half is mainly jazz with some metal fills, which completely throws off the listener and makes them gain interest.

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead- Worlds Apart
There was some hype about this album in the beginning of last year, but it died out too soon. This album was superb and combined many different instruments that create interesting and out-of-the-box indie material. The vocals really suited the songs as well and caught the ear.

Don't even waste time stealing these
Weezer- Make Believe
I really like Weezer, so it's sad to see that they changed ground from albums that were creative and thought-provoking to an album that was dull and made for music television.

The Black Eyed Peas- Monkey Business
The Black Eyed Peas had a lot of good songs before this. They were creative funk or soul with little hooks. Now, BEP just went way the hell overboard and embraced the pop scene 100%. It payed off and brought them attention, but the songs are thoughtless and contain dull beats.

The White Stripes- Get Behind Me Satan
I know they were trying to experiment, but I think they went in the wrong direction. Jack's guitar riffs were fine on previous albums, and his acoustic playing just doesn't say as much about the music in this one. The lyrics on the songs were good, but the instrumental parts were bad. And even if the lyrics were the best in the world, which they weren't, the songs weren't mastered correctly due to not recording the album in a professional studio. Revert or die.
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