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Let it drip
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test icicles - for screening purposes only
absolutely love it. good, loud, distorted fun.

LCD soundsystem - LCD soundsystem
one of the first albums i got this year and it took half a year for me to really appreciate it. now i do, wow.

Death from above 1979- your a woman, im a machine.
turn the volume up very loud, put your earphones in, enjoy.

BRMC- howl
never thought id say this, but with exception to "aint no easy way" and "the line", this album is drivel.

Darkness- one way to ticket to hell and back
someone hand me a shotgun. just piss poor.

White stripes- get behind me satan
i dont like this new direction, i want the old stripes back. quite fitting that the only song i like is an Elephant cast off.
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