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Default My music sounds unprofessional

I'm a 16 year old male singer and I want create an ep, or album.
I've got some problems, I only have a Samson mini mic and audacity
and I don't have money for music softwares rn so I been using free beats that people make on YouTube, the problems is Everytime I record over them is sounds super unprofessional and it doesn't mix with the music, and their good beats but their not really the sound that I want. I want to make music similar to Lana Del Rey, James Blake, Lorde, Jack Garret, Halsey, Marian Hill, Sza, Troye Sivan, FKA Twigs, and especially Sevdaliza. I want to make elegant sounding pop music that's has like a little bit of experimental indie sound in the mix. Someone please help me do this on the cheap. And I also want to add small little 3D audio sounds in my music to give it a flare when you listen to it with headphones.
Any help is appreciated honestly, it would mean the world to me

Thank You��
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