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Red face Advice on songs

Hello ,

I'm a french boy who tries to make songs in English..
I need advice from people who don't know me , because i want to make songs but you know , it's hard ! So I'll put some songs that i wrote sometime and just want returns on how i write , maybe my english skills are not very good , etc..
I put my first "song" now ( i wrote it last night at 4 ou 5 AM and since i don't touch it so.. ^^) , it's about dreams and reality , and that you have to pursue your dreams and don't give up !


He opens his eyes , stars inside
He's just been brought to the world
A little baby , outside
You know for him that it's awkward
But his family , is here
To help him discover
All these new things ,
Mother and father


Oh oh , they usually said
"You have a life ahead"
Then , i answer them
"It's hard to find your way"
You're swimming , trying to catch your dreams , can't see through the mist
Now you're lost , don't know where you're going , but you have to persist !

Then , becames a kid ,
While childhood is the dream time
Doctor , superhero ,
You can be what you want guy
But , you also ,
Have to go to school
Learn , geometry,
And these things aren't cool


Middle school, high school
You are quickly growing up
And you see , the reality
You are sticking to your marks
Forgetting , who you wanted to be
A pop star or a musician
Trying , to reach this university
You want this admission !


( Maybe a bridge ... ) :
And now you're working in this big enterprise ,
This is not what you wanted , when you look back
You see your little guitar and her little jack , cable
But now it's too late , to wind the clock !


Just don't be rude please.. ^^
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