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Originally Posted by Kashmir86
"No one's forcing you to do anything, get off your lazy ass and look for music you enjoy, because the radio sure as hell isn't going to give it to you."

That is what you said, and clapton is music I enjoy, and all I did was reach over, grab the remote, and turn on my stereo to the classic rock station and there it was. Yes, I know more than just a few rappers, I know from old to new, and I have concluded that it sucks as a whole, there may be the rare exception but thats really pretty dumb to have an entire genre that sucks except for this select group that is decent.
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know I had to specify that I meant new music in a thread that's about new fucking music.

If I judged all Rock on today's mainstream Rock bands and a few Classic Rock ones, do you think I would say "Rock sucks?" No. No genre "sucks as a whole," it's really pretty dumb to be so narrow-minded as to trash an entire genre like that. So take your head out your ass and stop making blanket statements like that one.
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