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Darkness "One Way Ticket To Hell"
The 80s are over and hearing the same un original music is getting lame and do something new and wear some clothes christ
Audioslave "Out Of Exile"
Grunge is done, and you've managed to release a crappier version of your last album. Amazing.
Weezer "Make Believe"
Yes, it sounds like everything else you released, beverly hills = lame-o hit song. QUOTE]

Alright, 1st of all I've gotta agree with you on the Weezer song being really cheesy and all, but I think that's just there natural style, ya know?Of course the song's a hit, but I wouldn't care whether a song's either a hit or not as long as it was good music!!!Some of the riffs/music seem alright for a basic rockin' tune, but the part that ruins that song is that bi tch in the background saying "gimme, gimme" all too much!!!Some songs get overplayed and you might start getting a little sick of hearing it....
...With this one song, with the girl sayin' "gimme, gimme" so many damn times, it only makes you sick of the song even faster than originally!!! One thing I gotta say is if they're (Weezer) gonna use her to sing that song for every show, every tour, they might as well put in a handpuppet and have the handpuppet set off explosions and, therefore, kill that annoying sound that the girl sings!!!
With the Audioslave one, I agree that their music is definitely getting worse!!!Ya gotta give some credit to their 1st disc for being pretty good, but the 2nd then proved to be way worse!!!Rage was what it was all about and they've quickly lost much of that energy/greatness!!!If they even put out a 3rd album together, well, I'll just leave ya with this...
...It's 3 strikes, now you're out!!!
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