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Default Talk about your instrument/gear!!!

Alright, 1st of all, I'm a proficient drummer that has been involved in music for many years. I have also had tons of fun playing lead guitar for many years, but realized that drumming was my true passion!!!I love jamming to my favorite music styles which include metal, blues, hardrock, funk, soul, r+b, jazz, etc...
My gear includes a Tama StarClassic Performer kit in the color of transparent green.After using that for a little while, I added on a 18" Floor Tom of the same type/brand of drum.Another add on, or what I like to call a replacement, was my 12" by 5" Simon Phillips signature Tama drum.It is a handpainted, signature drum with maple wood and gold diecast rims!!!Lately, I haven't actually used any of the toms at all!!!Focusing mainly on the bass, snare and cymbals definitely brings out the talent and creativity in a drummer, including myself!!!I do have Tama's Iron Cobra hardware for my kit as well, including the PowerGlide double pedal.
My cymbals includeall Sabian.)
1.14" AAX Metal Hats.
2.18" AAX Metal Crash.
3.18" HH Rock Crash.
4.22" HH PowerBell Ride.
5.12" AAX Metal Splash.
6.14" AAX Dark Crash.
I'm happy with my gear and love every single jam that I perform in!!!I'd recommend anyone to try to be creative like I have, by taking out all toms and focusing more on the basics...
...You become a better drummer this way!!!Just try for yourself, peace!!!
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