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Default help identifying trumpet song

Hi all, I heard this really great song yesterday but I couldn't really make out the lyrics. It was a very distinctive song because of the horns or trumpets in the chorus. It had a male singer who sang in English but the horns gave it a slightly Mexican/Latin feel. Additionally, though it was definitely influenced by Hispanic sounds it was very modern kind of like how KONGOS takes Zydako music and turns it into something modern that you can rock out to. Another band that you would find in the same playlist would be X Ambassadors. The song has a heavy feel to it but also a very fast rhythm that you could almost dance to except it's a little too fast. I also remember that right after the horns there's a short drop and the singer says pres-sure or plea-sure or rapt-ure with a strong emphasis that separates the two syllables. Lastly, if I had to give it a genre it would be either rock or pop. I hope that's enough info to work with. Thanks in advance for all your help!
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