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Originally Posted by illusion
I was heavily into drums before my dad got his guitar, the only problem was the price. I was going to buy exactly the same drum set as you. I decided to go with a cheaper and worse drum sets. Then dad got his guitar and I decided against getting the drums, I still regret it today
Too bad, man. Drums are an investment and can cost alot over time, but you can obviously start off with some of the basics, ya know?Zildjian makes zbt cymbals and I'd definitely tell you not to get those because they are poor quality and sound terrible, I.M.O.Although Zildjian has the terribles zbt cymbals as their "beginner" cymbals, other brands DO actually have "beginner" cymbals that sound pretty good/professional!!!I used to use Sabian's B8 Cymbals and they actually sounded pretty good, were of high quality and didn't break!!! I only got a set of B8 cymbals that, as I can remember, contained 14" hi-hats and a 18" crash/ride.While adding on other cymbals such as my 18" AAX Metal Crash and the 22" HH PowerBell Ride, eventually my set was a complete, full professional set as far as I was concerned!!!What I'm trying to tell ya here is to start with some of the basics and, as you have enough/make more money, you'll replace the basic with "top of the line" gear!!!Obviously my 14" B8 hi-hats were replaced by my 14" AAX Metal Hats.I also replaced my 18" B8 Crash/Ride with my 22" HH PowerBell Ride!!!

I believe I told everyone just above that I haved played leadguitar, but found my true passion in the drums...
...I hope my tip can help you start building a good set, while starting to jam on the drums more often!!!Whether it's Guitar of Drums, just have a good time, man!!!
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