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Originally Posted by Wild7Dustr
They both recorded it on their albums!!! I don't care who's you prefer or know the most!!! They both own it forever because music lasts way longer than many artists/bands do!!!Just think about all of the greats that have died and we are still listening to many years later!!!Good music lasts forever and so will the song for both Elton John and The Beatles!!!Elton John recorded the song and it is forever tattooed into his albums as well as legacy!!!The Beatles were the original, although both bands have that song that people will hear and judge by their own opinions for many years to come!!!They will decide which one they like better or thought was better!!!Popularity doesn't make a song good, the artist(s) do!!!Here's something ya gotta learn man, many bands cover and record other bands songs each day!!!Obviously they're not all in jail for playing/recording another bands song, understand!!! Then THAT'S the End of the Story, period!!!
look wild7dustr u said yourself it became a popularity contest. i did not. so congratulations on making yourself look like an idiot again.
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