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Default Trollheart's Discography Rec Thread

Oh, why, why, why do I do these things? Can't even use the excuse that I'm drunk, as I don't drink!
Anyway, here we go...

Anyone can recommend ONE discography to me, and I will review it in my main journal. Any genre, but I do reserve the right to refuse any, unlike in "Love or Hate?" I also reserve the right to, once I realise this particular artiste is not for me, dump the discography. Should that happen I will then offer whomever recced it a chance to try again.

I will review the entire STUDIO discography ** over a period of time in my main journal. When I say a period of time, this could stretch to months or even years, and your rec will not be exclusively attended to. I could do one album from yours tomorrow, say, and the next might not be till February or March, or later. So if you rec, please understand that and don't be throwing "when are you getting to the next album dude?" comments at me.

Preferably hit me with something you think I'll enjoy or at least get something out of, because remember, you're not just reccing an album, you're reccing several, maybe double figures. Oh, and the likes of Zorn is out, as I'll be damned if I'm reviewing 459 albums! I won't place an actual limit on any discog, but let's agree to somewhere between 10 - 20 as a max. I don't mind going over that for some, if I accept them, if they look interesting, but I'd prefer not to buckle under the weight before I even start.

All discogs will be reviewed in my main journal, and I may have questions for you about an album or even an artiste. I will do only the basic tracklisting, not any bonus, rare, live or remixed tracks.

Once again: one discography per member, so choose wisely. Also, note the ones I'm already doing for myself, which will are now published, along with the full list so far, in my journal.

As people rec, and I accept, discogs, I will note them here so that nobody ends up reccing the same one. This will NOT be FCFS, as I will choose to do the recs in whatever order I prefer, but all discogs will of course be done in order. If you choose an artiste I have already reviewed an album or albums by, I will link to that review/those reviews when I get to them. Oh, and no instrumental discogs, so probably no post-rock or post-metal. I don't mind doing one or two that occur within an artiste's discography, but not a full discog of instrumental music. And obviously no ambient or classical.

** Studio albums only. This rule will not be changed no matter how much anyone pleads their case. X number of studio albums is enough without going into live albums, EPs and so on.

Current list (will also appear, in alphabetical order, in my journal, along with others I've chosen myself)
Höyry-Kone (grindy)
U2 (Neapolitan)
Sigh (mythsofmetal)
Queensryche (Anteater)
Bathory (The Batlord)
Roxy Music (Pet_Sounds)
Richard Dawson (Frownland)
Blue Oyster Cult (The Identity Matrix)
Robert Wyatt (Plainview)
Mewithoutyou (Mondo Bungle)
Fugazi (Tristan Geoff)
Death Grips (Goofle)
Captain Beefheart (JGuy Grungeman)
Anathema (Zer0)
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