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Originally Posted by grindy View Post

It's prog. They have just two albums. I can't make this any easier.
You're in.
Originally Posted by Plainview View Post
Brian Eno. He has a **** ton of records but it has to be the greatest span of albums of any artist, period. Literally every album he's been a part of is incredibly strong and influential. He obviously was also a huge innovator and pioneered ambient music.

Edit: He has some projects with other artists too, most of which are worth hearing. You might cherry pick slightly but I'd recommend:
No, I'm not sure you understand. I will accept discogs up to about twenty albums total but I want to do complete ones, so anyone who has like 30 or more is out. I won't be picking this album and that album, I'll be doing them all, which is why I vetoed Zorn and why I placed a limit of sorts on each.
Originally Posted by Plainview View Post
Does he not like Ambient? Didn't know that. Who doesn't like Ambient music?

And there are loads of great Art Rock albums of Eno's too, that deserve a fair listen.
I do like ambient. I'm not sure I could review a discog of ambient albums though. I've already mentioned I find reviewing even one difficult. Even Vangelis, my favourite composer, would present difficulties here.

Actually, new rule: no instrumental discogs. I don't mind if the artist has one or two instrumental albums, but nobody who doesn't sing at all. I don't think that would be easy for me to do, and it sure would not be much fun to write.
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