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It looks like xavier copied their post from much of what the user Hypocrisy said on the first page. I think that xavierwhite's probably a bot, or doesn't understand English well enough to come up with their own posts, or like how they replied to the "Love or Hate" thread, it seems like they can't fully comprehend what the topic is about (although the response there also really just looked like that of a bot.)

I'll edit in a description of the variety which my taste encompasses at a later point today as to not have this post be off-topic.

Edit: Okay. As anyone could guess, the genre which I personally have the best knowledge of compared to my knowledge of other genres is metal. This correlates with my general listening habits and I like a good variety of metal which I will get into describing. The thing is that I've come to find that I like a lot of other genres, but some genres have music which I only occasionally listen to because I'm not that knowledgeable of them so there's only a tiny bit of stuff which I find likable enough to replace listening to something else like the metal that I especially like.

If I were to put some genres in a sort of set of tiers with the first being the most liked, the second being stuff which I like a lot or have found metal that mixes with the genre which I've liked a lot, and the third tier being stuff that I still enjoy but am not particularly compelled to listen to much, (expect that if a genre is mentioned in a higher tier, that I find a larger amount of stuff from the genre which would fit in lower tiers of liking, so if I say a that there's tiny bit of stuff that I love in tier 1, then there may be a decently sizable amount of stuff from it which I kinda like,) then it would be like; Tier 1: some power metal, electronic/industrial metal, doom metal, neo-classical metal, and experimental/avant-garde metal, a lot of black metal, death metal, and folk metal, a tiny bit of folk, classical, jazz, and ambient/electronic music.

Tier 2: some heavy metal, thrash metal, older pop-rock/"classic" rock, and progressive rock, a tiny bit of punk rock of different kinds (I don't listen to enough to say what sub-genre I listen to more over the others within it,) a tiny bit of swing music (distinct from jazz, since the jazz which I love isn't swing) a tiny bit of older country, as well as bluegrass (maybe some of the older country could be described as outlaw country, most of the swing music and country which I like I had found through the video games Fallout 3 and New Vegas,) a tiny bit of shoegaze sort of stuff.

Tier 3: some alternative rock, and hard rock, a very tiny bit of modern pop, rock 'n' roll, and hip-hop.

Here in a spoiler are twenty songs which could reflect like what one or more listening sessions could go from for me. (this is somewhat scaled down in size compared to what i would normally listen to, so some particular genres may be getting more or less representation than others would have on a larger scale, I'm also not including every genre which I like here, but am trying to better reflect with twenty slots what sort of stuff I usually tend to incorporate into a listening session.)

Spoiler for twenty song sample as an example of my listening habits:

So, while I like and am open to a decent amount of stuff, most of my listening is still within metal, the non-metal genre which I listen to the most being folk actually.

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