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Nobody likes my music
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Originally Posted by innerspaceboy View Post
I consider my tastes fairly diverse. My digital library comprises 267 genres while my vinyl catalog focuses on a few dozen of my favorite umbrella genres.

I've recently started exploring the fascinating world of microtonalism and my current project is to expand my taste to include Early and Renaissance musics (between the years 500 CE and 1600 CE) which will introduce a vast new catalog of recordings into my sphere of interest.
Bolded: this was a totally unnecessary statement. You are to all of us what Betelgeuse is to the sun in terms of musical diversity.
Originally Posted by Black Francis View Post
My music taste is pretty diverse, i can listen to anything from the Pixies to Frank Black to Frank Black & the catholics.
You forgot the Pixies. And the Pixies.
Originally Posted by Mr. Charlie View Post
I only like the music I like.
I only like the music you hate.
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