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i've been playing guitar for about 6 years now. i started out with a squier fat strat, playing through a fender champ 30 solid state. but once i started jamming my buddy reid (drummer) i upgraded to a line 6 spider 112. it was a cool amp for sure, but it crapped out on me after 2 weeks and took 6 months to fix, so i got fed up and bought a fender deluxe 90, boring but reliable. anyways i bought and sold pedals for it, boss metalzone distortion, boss chorus ensemble and a boss octaver. i did have a wah pedal until adam the bass playing jackass traded to some guy i don't even know. but i got rid of all those pedals when i got a marshall AVT150H halfstack, which i use to this day. i've also added a epiphone les paul studio with a seymour duncan custom pickup on the bridge, and a fender mexican tele. but for xmas last year my uncle jack gave me his yamaha 12-string acoustic. that bout sums it up.
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