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No bigger Deftones fan or Chino Moreno fan than me on this forum.

In regard to the new song Prayers/Triangles. Well it's a Deftones song. You know it's them. I do really dig the new song, I love the melodies and different things going on in the song. But the one thing the one thing that keeps me from saying that there is no issue with this new song would have to be the chorus. It isn't that Chino hasn't sang a chorus in the past on every record that repeats the song title with maybe one or two additional bars of lyrics. But this chorus almost does nothing for me. Everything else about the song is awesome, I really dig those other aspects. But it's the chorus to this song that I wish Chino took more time with. The song is three and a half minutes in length. Surely he could have taken a bit more effort and stretched the song out with a better chorus? Don't get me wrong though. This isn't some awful chorus or anything. Comparing it to other songs, this chorus is better than others. Every time I hear it though, all I am left thinking is that's it, that's all there is to the chorus of a song that in my head should have a much bigger, more fleshed out chorus to tie it all together...oh well.
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