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So, as far as I have understood, the bulk of philosophy sets out to understand what is meant by existence as it stands in opposition to that which does not exist.
Yet, (setting aside that time is relative to mass) compared to the amount of time that matter has existed, conscious life has existed for a negligible amount of time. (at least locally and as far as we can tell)
The bulk of time has passed without one's existence having the ability to observe (and name) it.
Many philosophies claim some semblance of humility, separation, or stoicism, but then draw comparisons to things that are not only finite, but subjective to our short existence.
Wouldn't true emptiness focus more on the length of time that passed without our existence, rather than the miniscule portion which the self occupies and refers to existence?
And wouldn't that realization and acceptance of the reality of our place in things deter explaining what "existence" is to other people, thus rendering this truth hidden from those that do not come up with it on their own and leaving the written philosophical world awash with many short sighted ideas of what "existence" is?

Or (as in rough solipsism) is there no such thing as nonexistence, since, without recognition nothing exists, and before someone "saw" 'X' it it did not exist? (:
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