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Originally Posted by Wild7Dustr
In closing, I would like to tell "halfbaked87" a few things, since "halfbaked87" didn't know:

Yes, I am a musician, you D I C K head!!! I am an accomplished professional drummer that has been touring on and off with other professional musicians!!!I don't "jam" for my career, but I'd never wanna take my talent for granted and it's another way to bring in some more cash to my family!!!I am also quite an adept guitarist that also plays other instruments on occasion.Hell, I've even wrote lyrics for some of my jamming friends many years ago!!!Music is my favorite "hobby" and I consider it to be much more important than that...
...I listen to it, "jam" along with it and love going to concerts!!!Oh yeah, I've been to a ton of concerts!!!
My passion/main focus is drumming, but I also play lead guitar along with other instruments, so now you know!!!Don't even try to ask my next time, ya incompetent jacka ss!!!
fantastic then, in that case, i've been to like omg 12039 concerts and jammed with professionals, traveled through time, met jimi hendrix and totally skooled him ho durrrrrrrrrrp! i asked if you played an intsrument not for you're life story asshat. im glad you've been to so many concerts, cas TAHT MAEKS U A RAWKER YA KNOW?
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