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Hey Bob_32 ! Welcome to MB!

I found your verdict on the Byrds box very interesting, because my starting point is very similar to yours; heard bits of their stuff, at the time I really liked their early singles, but, since then have only come across a few uninspiring tracks.
You've done a useful job for me, and your appraisal of that box set rather confirms my suspicions; Gram Parsons was too keen on the country style for my liking too, and despite its reputation, what I´ve heard of Sweetheart hasn't stood the test of time too well. I guess too many later artists have made better and bolder country-rock crossovers.

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Notably missing from the set is "Untitled", which chronologically falls somewhere in there. I've heard Untitled, and it's better than anything in this five-album set.
^ Well, I've been lucky then, as that's the only Byrds album I ever bought; a very successful studio-disc-plus-live-disc double with lots of good tracks; yesterday's train, truckstop girl, eight miles high.. All good stuff.

Yes, I can believe that those CSN albums are more interesting - and how about this one, Bob? :-

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