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Thanks for the response. Well, whether it is a soundtrack or not, I am pretty sure this track was released on Vinyl as a 45 RPM single. When I was a kid, I remember this record was being played on a turntable at an event, where a number of other rock instrumentals were also played, such as 'Memphis' By Lonnie Mack, 'Apache' by The shadows, 'Tequila' by The Champs, etc.

Since the lead guitar on this song had that 'tremolo' sound, I thought, perhaps it was by 'The Shadows' because the lead guitarist Hank Marvin used a lot of that signature tremolo effect in his songs. In fact, I think, this song resembled 'Apache' - their 1960s instrumental hit. I dug out everything I could on 'The Shadows', but nothing yet!
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