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I don't know much about the guy, and can't watch the video because I'm currently on mobile with no wifi, but from a quick read of his Wikipedia page (not necessarily a good way to judge character, I know) he seems like a decent guy who just has a different perspective than what's popular. I'll never understand why people are so quick to stand by the right of Freedom of Speech, but then get bent out of shape and offended when someone says something they disagree with. Every one loves to voice their opinion, but when it turns into a discussion or a debate, suddenly they want you to quiet down and keep to yourself. I say let the guy speak, while I definitely disagree with him on a lot of the key beliefs I saw mentioned on his Wikipedia article, I would be interested on hearing someone with very different ideologies than myself, speak.
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I'm not even mad. Seriously I'm not. You're a good dude, and I think and hope you'll become something good
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