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Whats this deal with people calling all the metal bands of the 70s 'rock' now?

I used to live next door to a biker when I was growing up,and him & his biker mates were all 'metal' fans. I asked him to give me some tapes of some metal when I was 6 or 7 years old he gave me Sabbath , Rainbow , Judas Preist , Samson , Def Leppard , Saxon and loads of others.

Just because those bands are not what you know as metal now doesn`t mean they never were.

I`d be interested to see how many old metal bands people who think of Sabbath as a 'rock' band rather than a metal band to name at least 20 bands who they would call metal from that time by todays standards.Because I know there were many more than that.

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