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Question Censoring of 'bad words' on Music Banter

Hello all,

I was just a bit curious about the fact that certain curses are automatically censored into ******'s. Looked through my control panel preferences and didn't see an option to change this.... Am I correct in assuming that it's not allowed at all on Music Banter? If so, what's the reason behind this decision?? Sometimes it just feels good to let some F-bombs fly, damn it!!

Is it an effort to keep the discussions more civil and less sophomoric? I can see that as being a worthwhile goal.... But I guess I just get a tad frustrated when I'm on other forums and see cursing used freely but, overall, responsibly. Sure, there's gonna be those tools who troll with all kinds of foul language....but those types of people, I've noticed, are few and far between generally. I think what us net users appreciate most is the ability to converse in intelligent and mature ways, even if that does include the occasional four letter word.....

Aaaaanyways, I wrote far more in this post than I originally planned to, but I feel like I might not be the only one with this attitude towards bleeping words out. Anyone feel similarly?
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