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Originally Posted by William_the_Bloody View Post
I suppose they are a necessary evil. I don't like them in that they help propagate political ideologies though. (I am a self identified conservative, liberal ect)

I think that every policy issue, should be approached by reason backed by statistical facts, and not determined by one's own ideological sentiment.

Unfortunately (perhaps as a result of the rise of secularism) people seem to becoming more and more religiously feverous in their political beliefs, making them completely intolerant of another person's opposing view.

This use to be confined to just the religious right and authoritarian left (political correctness) but I now find its becoming more and more mainstream, especially as people attach themselves to a particular political party.
This is why I don't really follow politics anymore (aside from pure laziness). Back when I still cared, I found that trying to remain informed led me to side with one party over the other, even just a little, and I would inevitably treat the other party as the opposition, rather than just people with a different opinion. Eventually this retarded my own ability to think critically because I had become emotionally invested in politics, and emotion is the antithesis of reason.

Politics may be necessary, but I refuse to subvert my brain for the sake of my fellow automatons. Let people who can't help themselves but become involved pick up that torch. I'm done caring about politics to any great extent.
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