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Originally Posted by mordwyr View Post
A local lord had his men digging a mine in a certain area. The people who lived in the area were warned not to go into the mine because of the dangers inherent in doing so. One woman didn't heed the warnings and went in anyway. Noxious vapors choked the woman and she died. Who is responsible for her death? Death was the natural end of her disobedience. So it was with Lot's wife. God didn't turn her to salt. Her turning to salt was a natural result her disobedience, for mortals cannot look upon the wrath of the angelic beings and live. God's warning was for her protection, and she heeded it not.
The problem I have with this is your saying that the Lord of the land has divine right. He is a messenger of god. And many kings that truly believed they had divine right were evil men. I get the overall point your making and it's good. Is this an excerpt from the Bible itself?
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