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Default Flat Earth Uprising?

Hey everyone. Been awhile since I've stopped in. In saying that, I know I'll come off as a non-contributing member (I've been very busy), and I'm only hoping that rather than focusing on that, you choose to see the validity of the fact that everything I've ever done on MB is out of interest in the minds within its community. I've found some good thinkers here, and have learned much from them about a great deal more than music.

Some may remember me as kind of a fire-starter. It's never been my intention to do that, but it's never been my intention to take a beating lying down either. I like to explore all ideas, no matter how crazy they may sound. In saying that I hope to imply that this is not my first conversation about the topic of the post, and it's in everyone's best interest if it's approached in a civil manner. Meaning, if we stick to the science, or even just treat this as an excellent thought exercise (rather than ad hominem attacks and non sequitur approaches) you may find it to be quite a stimulating conversation. I can't limit peoples' freedoms of course, so anyone can feel free to call me an idiot if it so happens to be their proclivity. I say this because this topic can get heated, but it can also be dealt with properly with a dash of conscientious behaviour from the contributing parties.

All this being said, the point of the post is to discuss the Flat Earth Hypothesis. I will do my best to keep up with the conversation as it evolves by way of providing what I know about it and the proper context for ideas that we're not accustomed to accomodating, as we run with the model which suggests we're on a ball, so creating a framework within which to discuss the Flat Earth Hypothesis takes some time to build and get used to, particularly for newcomers. And I did a search before I started this thread, and that means it's not being discussed here, so there will definitely be newcomers.

SO! I suppose the best way to get started is for people to ask questions or defend the Heliocentric Model (Globe Earth), and I will respond. I am not a troll or trying to play tricks. I may ammend this OP with a legend of sorts as the thread grows, so as I don't have to keep explaining things in the amount of detail I will required in the beginning. Anyway, have at'er folks. Just please try to be nice.
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