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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
It's often biblically based, and that type of conviction in the face of conflicting evidence is often held by people who will not be swayed even if you fly them out to space and show them the spherical world. Discussing science with someone who thinks unscientifically is a moot point.
Actually, the Flat Earth Hypothesis has nothing to do with religion. It is based on observation, which is science. It is also based on observation (science) that Geocentrists (Flat Earthers) have debunked the Heliocentric Model (Globe Model) and proved it to be impossible.

One key to the approaching this properly is understanding that if the Earth is flat, the fact that we all think it's a ball is the result of the greatest lie ever told. The ramifications of that range from government coverups to the obsolescence of theories such as that of Gravity and Relativity.

This can't be covered in a couple of posts, so creating questions or arguments which are more specific than "because science says so" will be more enriching.
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