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probably a fairly redundant list now that punk is a product packaged and sold much like tampons or dog food, so that middle class kids can have rebellious hair colour and still feel like they know better until they're smart and old enough to know better; but here goes-

The Clash - for every moment of over indulgence a moment of pure genius

Ramones - like every one else lost it in the end, but the first four albums rule

Saints - rock 'n' roll really, but bands like Good Charlotte should be beaten over the head with Eternally Yours until their piercings fall out and their tattoos rub off

Bad Religion - intelligent and rebellious, Against the Grain through to Stranger Than Fiction are beautiful. Should have stopped then when Gurewitz left

NoFX - one of the few bands who sucked completely at the start and then got really good. Manage to stay snotty, funny and even stylistically kind of interesting, within the constraints of "punk" that is.

Descendents - the only punk band who can get away with non - stop girl songs, and who made intersting music. Even got away with semi - prog punk on the ALL record.

Black Flag - angry angry stuff...thank god

Dag Nasty - Can I Say and Wig Out at Denkos may be the two first and greatest "emo" records ever

Propagndhi - Here's hoping they stick to their guns, and that the kids use em a jumping off point for their own thoughts rather than just for dogmatic thinking

mclusky - again, probably stylistically more rock than punk but anything this intelligent and vicious deserves to be here. Check em out

So that's my OPINION. Scott Reynolds should be here somewhere too.

Australia...old enough to know better
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