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Default Remote Collaboration: Calling All Guitarists/Drummers/Etc.

Ok, so a remote collaboration is where two people from far away places write a song and then perform it. How does this work?

One person writes a guitar part, the other person writes the lyrics and sing it. And then if you wanna keep adding in, you can have people who play different instruments add to the track, creating a whole band sound.

So- that being said, I want to have a guitarist write and record a guitar part for a song, and send it to me, I have a bunch of lyrics I would love to put to music- So if anyone is up for this, shoot me a PM or reply on here or whatever. BTW. I'm into an indie/acoustic sound, but still like the electric so send it at me. Probably something 2:45-3:45 long, I'm thinkin... but I'll discuss that with whoever individually.

This thread is also up for anyone who wants to advertise their availability just in case anyone else wants to try this.
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