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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
When I first heard it, I was not in the right mood for this album, listening to it during the last two hours of a 12 hour work day when I should have thrown on a few grindcore or powerviolence albums. Even when listening to it in the wrong state, it still ranked at like a 3/5 and the only track I disliked at the time was Cloud of Forgetting because I didn't find it busy enough.

I blasted it the next day and loved Cloud of Forgetting on its own and in the context of the album. This one, while a little more understated than their two previous albums, is still just as gripping. Favourite song has to be a tie between Frankie M and The Glowing Man (though my favourite moments were from the violin on Cloud of Unknowing). I'm going to let a few more listens sink in before voting, but right now it's at a 4.5/5.
Michael Gira is really riding on the drug references in Frankie M. At first I thought it to be off putting, but it's my favorite track.
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I love how you edited your post to officially out me out of the closet?" It's like you asked yourself if you were a big enough cunt in the post, concluded that you weren't, and added it in to satisfy your postly cunt quota
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I converted to Islam today.

Allah Supreme.
A Love Supreme.
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saw LeBron James downtown but then I realized I'm just racist
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