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Yes, two years is the legally-set deadline for a country extracting itself from the EU; although it's never been done before, it's obviously going to be a complicated process.

Originally Posted by Lilja View Post
My husband and his family have already started buying stuff from the English websites since the pound is so low at the moment.
^ Some good news from Lilja, who has the benefit and perspective of living in Europe.

DJ, on the other hand seems to be blinded by a malice that he declared quite openly when he joined this thread, ("I want them to suffer.") What's worse is that his malice seems to be motivated by an ignorance about the British voter and the history of British multi-culturalism.

London is rightly known as a cosmopolitan city, and has always been host to migrants from around the world. As DJ is obsessing about Muslims, I'd like to focus on mosques for a minute:-

Woking Mosque:

This charming building was built in 1889, "one of the first mosques in Western Europe." Please notice the absence of heavy security or graffiti. This is not some embattled enclave in a country of racists; it's a pleasant parkland in a tolerant country.

London Central Mosque:
It was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd, completed in 1978, and has a prominent golden dome. The main hall can hold over five thousand worshippers , with women praying on a balcony overlooking the hall.
The Mosque is joined to the Islamic cultural centre which was officially opened by King George VI in 1944. The land was donated by King George VI to the Muslim community of Britain...
So, an enormous tract of land in the very centre of London, worth millions of any currency you care to name, was donated to the Muslim community. Hardly the act of racists.

Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
Ah "the sins of the voter", more like the sins of uninformed, uneducated voters. Majority of voters are that way also but this one will be felt for ages. Good job! The google search results for UK residents spiked asking "What is the EU?" So essentially, they ended up voting for something they have no idea about. They just want them damn dirty Muslims out of the county. I don't know why people are trying to sugar coat it. Call a spade a spade, they are ****ing racists.
^ This is a very offensive post in which DJ restates his malice towards my homeland and continues to make unfounded allegations about British voters. He has no idea what is in the mind of the British voter, but without evidence, has decided that they guilty of racism or ignorance. In fact, a leave vote could be for various reasons which he isn't mentioning:-
(i) a desire to be free of standards and restrictions imposed by the EU
(ii) a desire to be free of the perceived cost of EU membership. (UK after all is one of the biggest cash contributing members)
(iii) a desire to decide for themselves how many people are allowed into their country- rather like they do in the USA, I believe. Is that racist too?
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